Orang Gadang “Sumatran Bigfoot” (English Version)

November 12, 2019

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The world of Cryptozoology will never be traced, one example is in Sumatra, why Sumatra? Because myself have did a lot of searching for cryptozoology animals in Sumatra, because I have not had time to go outside Sumatra, it all depends on Time, Opportunity and funding of course, even hard to find it, especially sponsor.

A little bit description about cryptozoology, is the study of animals that have not been identified, not even included in the category of animals, in Indonesia itself is very little interest to learn about this science, even though out there, very many are learning about this science, even they make it where to search in Indonesia.

If I had previously did expedition about “Orang Pendek, now I was trying to explore new animals, which I got information from several people when I was interviewed the local community.

Initially I looked for information about Orang Pendek, because I already had a fairly complete data in the Kerinci area, because originally Kerinci was famous for this Cryptid Animal, even though the first sighting was in Bukit Kaba, Bengkulu. I have also been searching for these animals in Bengkulu and West Sumatra. Well, starting from here, when I did a search for cryptid animals in West Sumatra, as usual I interviewed local people to get information about the forest and animals in it, not to mention I too asking strange animals according to them. One of these people explained that there had been a strange animal at that time, some 20 years ago.

He explained, when the forest was still dense and it was very rare for people to go to the forest, people who went to the forest only to look for wood, hunting not like now, people went to the forest to open new land with the aim of farming.

At that time, the man also said that he claimed to see a creature have tall, black-haired creature, about 2m tall. This man saw this animal walking, when he saw this animal, this man felt afraid and took refuge in the bush, he was surprised because he had never seen this animal before. What is the name of this animal? Full of questions in the heart mixed with fear.

After returning to the village, he also told the villagers, he was not only  who claimed to have seen this animal in the forest, there were some friends who claimed to have seen this animal in the forest.

But at this time, it can be said that they have never seen this animal in the forest anymore. Even when the interviewee didn’t know why this animal did not exist, was it because part of the forest had been turned into land?

After hearing the story from The Man, I also developed an expedition plan to try to find this animal, although as I can only hope to get its footprints. I still feel scared if I have to deal directly with this animal. Try to imagine an animal that is 2M tall. come to us,

Previously I was looking for online references about this animal, and I also found from several sources, this animal is known as “Orang Gadang or Bigfoot”. According to the source, this animal is also found in many parts of Kalimantan and Malaysia.

On this trip I was accompanied by my good friend, Asep Diyanto, he was my best friend when searching for Cryptid Animals. Because he was very sociable and excited when doing the expedition, of course, full of seriousness.

When we arrived at the location, we looked for local people to accompany us to explore the forest in this area, we also did not forget to hide our intention to look for these animals, because we were afraid that the local population did not want to accompany us to the forest. It could be afraid, or there are other reasons.

The forest is quite good, because we crossed several rivers, and it’s like in the jungle adventure films, it is very fun to explore the forest like this. Full of challenges and happiness.

Well, short story after a few days in the forest, we found some footprints, which we had never found before on expeditions in other areas. Do not want to lose with an outcome, we cast this footprint, so we can see clearly what the results will be.

And we succeeded, the footprints are very different from “Orang Pendek”, more similar to human footprints, but this has been confirmed to be bigger than human footprints.

I also could not say much, as well as Asep. For the time being we continue to cover this location, for various reasons, until an indefinite time.

Look forward to my next expedition story

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