August 4, 2015


Eyewitness: Mr.Matidris
Date: 1980
Location: Rawa Bento Swamp Forest

While traversing through dense rainforest in the late morning about an hour from his village, Mr.Matidris made his way into a clearing where to his shock he saw two creatures walking side by side. Frightened by the angry looking expression on their faces he quickly climbed up a tree and for the next few minutes was able to watch them from an initial distance of just over five meters. His vantage point enabled him to closely observe the pair as they slowly made their way across the forest floor.

They appeared to be a male and female and both were only about one meter in height.The female was black in colour while her companion was light brown.Their bodies were completely covered with hair that was of medium length and long bangs fell across their foreheads. As the couple made their way across the clearing they both grabbed at vegetation for support and several times a Hoo Hoo” sound was made by them before they slowly disappeared into the thick undergrowth.

Once he felt safe he climbed down and began examining their tracks.On closer inspection  he believed that at one point prior to encountering them they were walking quadrupedally as he saw what appeared to be hand prints on the forest floor.

This is a fascinating encounter as it is the only case I am aware of where more than one individual was seen and the observation that the creatures were possibly alternating between walking upright and on all fours is also very intriguing.It would also be the only time that Mr. Matidris would come face to face with an Orang Pendek. (Mr. Dan)

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