JRG Witness Report

May 13, 2020


JRG Witness Report
Jerimiah Fountain
Northeast Regional Director
Jevning Research Group
LOCATION: Missile Silo – Malmstrom Air Force Base Montana(JRG only)
YEAR: Sometime in the 1990’s (would not give exact year)
NEAREST HIGHWAY: Interstate 15 & 315
WITNESS PROFILE: Edward Plant (JRG record keeping and data keeping purposes only, otherwise anonymous. ) 45 year old Air Force retiree. Devoted husband. Now self employed. Lifelong outdoorsman. Mountain climber, hiker and fisherman. Grew up in a small farming community in central new york. Sill stays in shape. Father of two teenage boys and one 21 year old daughter. Also was deployed twice two Iraq during conflict.
KNOWLEDG OF SUBJECT BEFORE ENCOUNTER: Actually very interested in it as a small boy until around the age of twelve. As an adult he always remained opened to the chance of existence but was never a full fledge believer by any means.
EVENTS BEFORE AND LEADING UP TO ENCOUNTER: He and another Security Police officer were getting ready to escort two missile technicians to do work at a missile silo three hours from base.
Due to nature of the job Mr. Plant had in the Air Force, the individuals he was with, the job they were doing the night of the encounter and the location they were doing the job at, he has asked us to keep some of the details in this report confidential except for JRG data base use and for the use and viewing of Mr. William Jevning and myself along with the other directors. So there is some details such as the witnesses name that have have been changed or altered. Mr. Plant will be referred to as Jack in the report and the missile silo sit will be referred to as Alpha site. I had interviewed Mr. Plant over the phone last March and written a report. I was fortunate enough to reconnect with him in a couple of weeks ago. This time around I was given more detailed information with the agreement that we would be somewhat discreet if and when we used it. He still would not give me am exact date and year.
When I met up with Jack ( Mr. Plant.) I started off the interview in JRG fashion, with a handshake and a smile. I could tell Jack was still reluctant to do the I terview so the first thing I asked him was why he had decided to go ahead and finally meet with me face to face and throw in the extra detail. He explained to me that when he had this sighting it was a big blow to his whole world. He believes that people need to be aware of these creatures, and that hopefully the word of a decorated veteran would help add credibility to our cause.The only person Jack had ever told about this sighting before doing this interview was his wife. So I said to him ” ok Jack tell me all about your Sasauatch encountet.” He instantly corrected Mr and said, “I don’t think it was a Sasauatch, I think it was a Yeti.” So I asked him why he referred to it as a Yeti. He told me because it was a whitish grey color and that he thought Sasquatches were black and brown and that the yetis whher indeed white. That right there to me adds credibility due to the fact that it shows our witness does not know anythig about our field and would gain nothing by making this up. He then proceeded to tell me that there wasnt really that much to it all. Jack said they were on their way from base to a site three hours from Malmstrom which was the missile silo site. But for the sake of the report I will call it Alpha site. He said Alpha site was in the middle of nowhere. He had just become an NCO as had the other Security Police officer that he was partnered with that night. There was Jack, his partner and two missile technicians, which for the report will be referred to as specialists. It was a clear night. They pulled into the gate and turned on all of tje vehicles outside spotlights.They then pulled onto a secondary road and continued down it until they arrived at the site they needed to be at. Just as they pulled in they noticed that about fifty meters away directly in the spotlights was a tall humanoid creature with fluorescent blue eyes starring at them. Almost immediately this creature turned away from them and ran toward the fence on the back side of the property which was about eighty feet away. Jack says he remembers it taking three good strides then jumping a seven foot razor wire fence. After it jumped the fence it headed straight into the Montana wilderness. All four off the men were in absolute shock. He then explained how all four men reluctantly got out of the vehicle due to the fact that protocol stated that before fully entering onto the site, a full perimeter check needed to be done. In Jack’s words, they said to hell with protocol. Even though they were armed with M16-A2 rifles and 9mm Beretta pistols,  they were too freaked out by this. They were going to let the specialists do the work they needed to do then head back to Malmstrom. Once they were on the site they looked for footprints. They couldn’t find any. This puzzled Jack. He remembered that even though it was the dead of winter it had gotten abnormally warm that most of the snow had melted. Although the ground was still frozen. So it wasn’t conducive to tracks. He said that the creature was whitish grey with long hair. But the hair was not the same length all over the body. He noticed that around the facial area and head there was alot of hair and appeared to be not only long but very thick with a mayne that went down to the shoulders. When I asked him about thw head he said it did not seem to be conical but more roundish.  Given the distance this was the only part other than the large blue eyes he awas able to see. He couldn’t see any facial detail. He told me he didn’t k ow why but his attention was drawn toward the lower body. The hair from the pelvic region down to the top of the feet was extremely long. The last thing Jack said to me was ” Mr. Fountain, I don’t know anything about these things, and I can’t explain what happened that night. But I do know that this thing was just immense. It blended in with its environment very well and it was the fastest thing on two legs I’ve ever seen. I e never seen anything move like that.)
JRG Witness Report
Jerimiah Fountain
JRG Northeast Regional Director

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